Friends of IREM

Download a Friends of IREM Application

The FRIENDS of IREM is a participatory program endorsed by IREM National composed of qualified vendors and service companies who support local IREM chapters through involvement in Chapter activities.

An annual subscription or membership fee to Friends of IREM entitles participating vendors and service companies to promote their products and services by directly networking with Chapter #1 members and through chapter publications and activities such as the chapter Membership Directory, the chapter newsletter, chapter meetings, trade shows, etc. Participating vendors are also invited to sponsor and conduct educational seminars, for our members, that are specific to the vendor's trade or line of business. The Friends of IREM is a unique program designed to attract and include a limited number of vendors who have demonstrated proven records of delivering high quality products and services. To become eligible for membership a vendor must be sponsored by a chapter Certified Property Manager and approved by the chapter's executive council.

Our chapter could not function as efficiently as it does without the support of all of the Friends of IREM in our program. It is with that recognition and sincere gratitude that all of the officers and members of North/Central New Jersey Chapter #1 acknowledge our Friends and their services to the properties we manage and to our Chapter. While the chapter encourages chapter members and others to favorably consider Friends of IREM when selecting vendors or developing bid lists, we, as a matter of policy, do not endorse or guarantee the reliability, products or services of any particular vendor listed as a Friend of IREM.

 All Friend of IREM companies are required to participate in at least two of the following events/activities each year in order to be invited to renew their participation in the Friends of IREM program for the following year:

  • Participate in the IREM Tri-State Conference & Expo 

  • Attend at least one of the four chapter meetings throughout the year

  • Advertise in at least one of the Four issues of the Chapter Newsletter or in the Annual Membership Directory.

The chapter office will inform any Friend of IREM by September of each year if they have not yet met this requirement.

For information about becoming a Friend of IREM, please contact the chapter office.